The personal touch: write a postcard or letter!

stampsHave you noticed that getting the mail, which for some of us used to be fun, is now just a chore, maybe even dreaded? Before email and social media, people kept in touch by letter and telephone call. Which meant there was a chance that there might be something personal in the mail, not just bills, ads, and political campaign literature (yep, that time of year here in Illinois).

Last fall I crushed my wrist, on my dominant hand. (The wrist is fine now, thanks for wondering.) And the two “get well” and “here’s a note to cheer your day” cards I got really made the days I received them brighter. Much brighter.  It meant someone was thinking about me, and that someone cared. Wow! Someone cared! I had these cards out in my kitchen for weeks, where at a glance I could be reminded that someone had taken the time to think about me and take action.

What did it cost? It cost just a few minutes of time, less than half a dollar for postage, and the writing materials. What did it gain? The sender hopefully felt good (I do when I take the time to do these things), and I felt great. It was a personal touch.

What about our business lives? With business connections I use email instead of a physical note. A spontaneous email that’s not about selling services or products, that instead is about connecting as people, one person to another, can add a warmer element to a business connection. Even if you don’t have time for coffee, if you have time to say hello, or share an article, reach out.

Yesterday I wrote a friend in Germany. I enjoyed thinking about the last time we were together and wondering if my friend was able to get in some skiing this winter. I hope it will be a bright spot in my friend’s day when it arrives.