iStock_000016172836_ExtraSmallI write and design “stuff” that makes it easier for people to get their real work done.

Online delivery of documentation and training materials provides several benefits, including a single point of maintenance. Design elements can include “layering” information through effective linking between materials. Traditional page-based documentation becomes interactive when designed to include links between sections and delivered electronically.

Sometimes printed materials are the right solution – whether due to audience needs or the physical demands of the tasks.

As someone from outside of your organization, I can view your documentation needs with an objective eye. By conducting interviews, doing a needs-analysis, and reviewing your existing documentation I can help you determine what you really need for documentation.

What does your project need? The list below includes some ideas – your solution will be customized for your situation.

  • User guides
  • Getting Started manuals
  • eLearning modules
  • Quick Reference cards
  • Tutorials
  • Programmer documentation
  • Reference guides
  • Application and/or Reference Notes
  • Developer overviews